Prenatal Care Cleanup and Sanitisation

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When babies are exposed to a lot of dust mites early on in utero, they are more likely to develop allergy problems later in life, such as atopic dermatitis. For that reason, you should try to make sure the house is always sufficiently dusted and clean during your pregnancy.

A study was conducted to test the influence of house dust mites on a featus after the mother breathes them in. Incredibly, the dust mites that were in the air were actually found in the baby’s cord blood. In other words, when you breathe in the dust mites in your own home, they make it through your system and can be found in your baby’s system.

Hence, just as you should be careful about what you eat and drink when you are pregnant, you should also be cautious about what you are breathing in. Our unique sanitising system is designed to eliminate 99.7% of dust mites and allergens making it important for women who are expecting a baby to have their surroundings dust and allergen free every 4-6 months using our services.