Frequently Asked Questions

01.How often should a mattress be cleaned and sanitised?

Once every six months; in cases of severe allergies or asthma, once every 3 months.

02.How long does it take to sanitise a mattress?

It takes about 15-20 min to clean a double-mattress.

03.Is the sanitisation process messy?

The 3H process is clean and green. 3H doesn't use liquids or chemicals. Beds could be remade 10 minutes after cleaning. Airing the room is not required.

04.Why can't I vacuum my own mattress?

Because traditional vacuum-cleaners lack a) the suction-power required to remove dust mites, bacteria, and other allergy triggering debris, b) their stiff bristles damageupholstery. and c) It does not have the all-important, germicidal UV-C lamp.

05.Do we have to wait for 24 hours before we can use the bed?

Not at all. You only need to wait for 10-15 min. Our natural, non-allergenic mist spray evaporates in no time.

06.Can my sanitised mattress cure my allergies?

Sanitising mattresses doesn't cure pre-existing allergies. It does help reduce the severity and the frequency of allergy attacks though. 3H believes you and your family will sleep better knowing that your mattress has been cleaned and sanitized..

07.Is there chemical in your spray?

No. It's completely natural.

08.Does my mattress have to be old for it to require cleaning?

No. Although old mattresses have more dust mites, fungi, pet dander and allergens any day,new mattresses take as little as 6 months to reach a state that requires sanitisation.

09.Can I just envelop my mattress with a protective cover and ignore sanitising it?

Studies have shown protective covers to not beas effective as we are led to believe. When used on a brand new mattress, a protective cover delays the time taken by mites to enter the mattress. On an older mattress, protective covers merely cover up the problem itself. A regular sanitising schedule, therefore, is the recommended path.

10.Is the 3H system safe for use with children around?

Absolutely. As the 3H sanitisation process uses no chemicals, it has nothing to harm infants or children. In fact, we recommend use of the 3H system on cribs, children's mattresses, stuffed toys, blankets, and carpets in kids' rooms.

11.What is UV-C Light?

UV-C is a powerful, highly concentrated light that exists in the invisible, germicidal,ultra-violet spectrum.It penetrates thin-walled germs such as viruses and bacteria, and kills 99.9% of them by altering their genetic structures, destroying the problem at source.For these reasons,UV-C light has been consistently used for more than 100 years for purifying drinking water and sterilising medical instruments.

12.What preparations are needed for sanitising a mattress?

Removal of linen and mattress-cover.